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Re-opening plans for family worship center sturgeon bay  and algoma
Greetings Dear Ones:
As we make our plans to re-open the buildings for Family Worship Center, there are many important considerations. Over 20 people on our leadership team have contributed their ideas and concerns.  I want you to be aware of some of the primary factors I have also used in making the decision.
1. It is isn't about what I want.  It is all about what God wants.  It isn't about my desires.  It is about what is best for YOU, His people, His sheep, His precious children, my dear ones.
2. We have very good quality online services available to fill the gap. (It is taking much longer to prepare these as I want the best quality we can present since this is our primary medium for delivery at this time).  Our online has been there for over 20 years and will continue to be there even after full reopening. 
3.  In the multitude of counselors there is safety - Proverbs 15:22.  Many people have contributed their wisdom, experience and loving concern.
4.  I don't want to place our people at risk, especially our immunosuppressed and vulnerable.
5.  I sympathize with those who are frustrated that liquor stores and pot stores can be open and are considered essential when churches are not.  But, we are to be driven by wisdom, love and care, not jealousy or frustration.
6.  I think a multi-tiered approach of reopening is best, based on our leaderships and the health departments suggestions.  First, those who are comfortable, healthy, under 65, and will abide by safe distancing, can begin to meet on Pentecost Sunday May 31st in just the Sturgeon Bay location.  Second, we will add on as it is appropriate. 
7.  Wednesdays will continue as it is, online for now. The character of Wednesday's meeting incorporates a sense of closeness and friendship.  With social distancing in place, I believe the "fireside chat" environment serves that better and for more people, at this time. 
8.  Celebrate Recovery and Men's Meeting will also continue online for now. 
9.  Youth ministry will also continue online only for now. 
10.  Next Monday at 5 PM, we will have a zoom meeting to discuss this further and get volunteers in place for the partial reopening May 31st. 
Of course, your feedback is important, appreciated, and as you see strongly considered.  (If you wish to be part of the input and assist in the re-opening, please email me to be added to the zoom meeting  drmark920@gmail.com
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